It has been a crazy week with the border restrictions tightening and unfortunately our Victorian members can no longer cross the border to play golf! We hope that this does not last too long and hope to see you all playing golf at the club soon.

In the interim, Numurkah and Nathalia Golf Club have kindly offered our Victorian members to play socially or in competitions on their golf courses. If you wish to play please give them a call and they will be happy to book you in. The following is some contact details and information on each club:

Nathalia Golf Club
Ladies Competition – Wednesday
Mens Competition – Sunday
Please contact Sue Lowe (0414 631 246) at Nathalia for all bookings

Numurkah Golf Club
Ladies Competition – Wednesday
Mens Competition – Thursday
Mixed Competition – Saturday (Sunday competitions being finalised)
Please contact Anthony Sanders on (03) 5862 3445 at Numurkah for bookings

We would like to thank both Numurkah and Nathalia for allowing our members on their courses during this time.

Singles Knockout Match Play Final
The singles knockout match play final was contested on Saturday 18th July between Nick Giles and Mark Corradin. Congratulations to Nick Giles who birdied the 17th hole to win 2/1 over Mark.

Club Competitions
Due to the current border restrictions, all honour board events have been postponed until further notice. We will continue to run competitions however they will all be changed to medley comps so anyone can play on any day.

Golf Course Updates
You will have noticed that there has been a number of trees removed from the 3rd hole on the Old Course. This has been done in preparation for the construction of the new green which is scheduled to commence on 17th August.

Temporary Course
Due to the construction of the new green coming up, the current 3rd hole on the old course will become out of play. With this being the case, the temporary hole will come in to play. You will play a 300 metre par four to the 19th green from the 9th tee and then play a 125 metre par 3 to the current 9th green.

As this course will be in play for some time, we have adjusted the old course scorecards and have contacted Golf Australia for a temporary scratch and slope rating until the construction has been completed.

The following is the new ratings for the different tees:

Mens Blue Old
Par – 70
Scratch Rating – 70
Slope Rating – 116

Mens White Old
Par – 70
Scratch Rating – 61
Slope Rating – 115

Ladies Red Old
Par – 70
Scratch Rating – 71
Slope Rating – 121

Ladies West Course
The ladies committee have taken the opportunity to look at the West Course indexes. There have been a few changes made to these indexes and are now in play in the club competitions.

New Golf Computer System
We are in the process of changing over to a new golf computer system. This will have a number of benefits to the members and the golf shop staff. We will now be able to have a rolling leaderboard in our golfers lounge displaying the results for daily competitions. The process of booking online will be simplified and reduce the number of errors that we come across. We will also have a kiosk in the golfers lounge where members will be able to scan their scorecards as they enter the club after their rounds. The new program is looking to be installed within the next couple of weeks.

Competition Round Statistics
Since opening the pro shop there has been a significant
increase of players in the weekly golf competitions. The numbers that we have gathered are from the dates May 13th to June 18th. In 2019 we had 639 players who played in the competitions during this period for a total of 3,133 rounds. In comparison, in 2020 we have had 393 players complete 3,607 competition rounds. This shows around a 500 comp round increase with 240 less players and all tournaments being cancelled. Special mention goes to Carolyn Huggins who has played in 47 competition rounds since we reopened which is 10 rounds more than the next best.

New Pro Shop
We are currently experiencing a few setbacks in the construction of the new pro shop. However, we are fortunate enough to have current golf committee member Michael Hayler from Cobram Kitchens and Cabinets constructing our new counter as well as the slatwall for our shop fittings.

Pro Shop News
Unfortunately we are two staff members down in the pro shop. Kerri is currently unable to attend work due to the border restrictions. Unfortunately, Alan has had to travel to Melbourne for family reasons and now has to have a few weeks off to self isolate.

Steffi’s first year of her traineeship has been interrupted
from a playing perspective. Steffi has not competed in any tournaments since the beginning of March and unfortunately does not look like returning anytime soon. On the bright side Steffi has been completing her assessment work to a high standard receiving high distinctions in all of her assignments.

We would like to thank the members for embracing the changes to the location of where scorecards must be taken. Scorecards will continue to be taken down to the Sporties reception until the pro shop is relocated.

Michael’s Relocation Sale
The current sale in the pro shop is still ongoing. Please take the opportunity to shop for some bargains that you may never find again!

Pro Shop Restrictions
Just a reminder that everyone is to enter the pro shop up through the normal entry up the big stairs. When leaving the pro shop you must exit through the door that leads out to the 10th tee on the Old Course. There are also red X’s marked on the ground that you must stand on when waiting to be served. As mentioned earlier all social distancing and hygiene requirements set by the Government must be adhered to.

Wayne Gould – Club Captain
Michael MacGregor – Club Professional